New Song (2012)

1. All the Things
2. The Rose 6:40
3. The Princess 7:24
4. New Song 7:31
5. Intuition 6:52
6. Visitors 5:36
7. Mr. W. 5:55




KYUNGGU LEE - tenor sax
STEVE WILSON - alto sax (track1, 2 & 7)
KEVIN HAYS - piano
ADAM CRUZ - drums

All Compositions by KYUNGGU LEE
Arranged by YOUNGHYE KIM
Produced by KYUNGGU LEE
Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer: MIKE MARCIANO
Recorded May 21, 2012
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Systems Two Recording Studios in Brooklyn, New York
Photography: WOOJIN HWANG
Cover Design: MINNIE CHOI


New York Korean Jazz Orchestra

1. In a mellow tone 3:29
2. I have found a friend in Jesus
3. Are you able said the master? 3:57
4. Sandu 4:02
5. Holy is he 4:59
6. Sing sing sing 3:48



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Irwin Park: 1st Alto Sax
SungIl Bae: 2nd Alto Sax
KyungGu Lee: 1st Tenor Sax
MyungSup Shin: 2nd Tenor Sax
GulJang: Baritone Sax
HiJong Lee: 1st Trumpet
TaeSeog Yun: 2nd Trumpet
ManSu Jung: 1st Trombone
GunYong Lee: 2nd Trombone
SoungWhan Yang: Piano
YoungWoong Lee: Guitar
IlGon Kim: Bass
JooChan Im: Drums
Jonathan Saraga & Brandon Lewis: Special Guests (Trumpets)

Arranged by KyungGu Lee (1,2 & 4), YoungHye Kim (1,2,3 & 4) & SoungWhan Yang (5)
Produced by Sungmin Park, ManSu Jung & KyungGu Lee
Music Directed by KyungGu Lee
Recorded & Mixed at Stadium Red Studio, NYC, 2011
Joe Pedulla, Engineer
Mixed at Bennett Studio, NJ, 2011
David Kowalski, Engineer
Mastered at Master Disk in NYC, 2011
Randy Merrill, Engineer
Cover Design: DaWoon Jung
Photograph: WonJun Jung
Web Design: Angela Kim