The music is very pleasing. He demonstrates great skill as a saxophonist, an improviser, and composer. A most impressive debut! (Todd Coolman – Grammy award jazz bassist)



It was a great pleasure to listen to the lyrical melody I’ve had in years. (Jeohong Kim – MM Jazz Magazine)


 Satisfying skilled playing and compositions that give New York postmodern feeling fully. (Kwang Hyun Kim – Jazz People Magazine)


Manifesting mature understanding and elegant expression of music. (Ji Sun Choi – A music critic)


Feel his strong playing from wide experiences in New York. (Tae Hoon Lee – Music Land marketing manager)


A sweet musical gift that must be listened to. (Ji Hwan Cheon – Today’s music on Naver)


The album worth a listen is to provide the authentic voice of jazz keeping in touch with an audience. (Jae Wan Hong – Today’s music on Naver)